Saturday, 20 August 2011

Makeup - Nisha, dinner

just now i've just updated entry for funky dinner makeup and now i'm sharing with all of u again another makeup job for my customer.  Also dinner makeup, and she requested me to use the combination of green and yellow. for the cheek and lips, i'm using peachy tone and it perfectly goes well with green , as the color is also categorized in 'earth color'. hope u guys like it :)

Before - she doesn't want to snap pic and wanted me to put her personal pic with very light makeup on her face :)



Makeup - Shad, Dinner

Hello bloggers! it's been a while since my last entry and rasa bersawang jgk la blog nih. tehee. been bz with few things, study application and bla bla bla. ok now i na share another makeu work with all of u.  The theme is funky chic so it has to be something bright and attractive especially for the eyes. hope u guys like it and happy beautiful sunday yea. <3

Shad - before


sweet pink color on her lips and it goes well with purple :)

done! i didn't do at her neck area cuz she wants to wear tudung

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