Monday, 25 July 2011

The art of doing nothing ;p

Hi all! malam-malam ni in a mood pulak na update blog since i left it almost a week kot. hehe.  just had a super tasty home made 'bubur durian' . hancor diet sbb mkn byk ta hengat. sendawa pun bau durian. egegege. Last weekend one of my best girl kiwi, turun kl all the way from kuantan.  Kami jarang jumpa cuz jauh buat always keep each other updated. rapat ngan minah ni since i know her from diploma time and we were like the best soul-sisters ever. even jauh we're very close and will share n'thing as we're the best partner in crime.haha. on that day ta gi mane2 pun like we used to do every time we met.  this time more santai and lepak2 camtu *gossssip.HAHA. well, away from messiness of kl, believe it, we really had a great time and happy moment of the day. definitely, my favorite girls are the one that i can have a blast with doing nothing! :D

Kiwi.monyot.and cik plum. ;p

 Oya my lil sis with kiwiwi. hehe 

 the best photo shoot all day.haha

 call us gay, i don't care ;p


shhhhh.  i know every single thing. ;p

Another awesome weekend ;)

Rasa bersawang da blog ni lama ta update entry. heee. Bz memanjang. kununnye lah. ;p Rindu kat ex-classmate in Puncak dulu and finally hari tu dpt jumpa meen, mummy, dyla and ekeen. we met at dome klcc and it was an awesome catch up. Lama ta bergelak with them semua cita dulu kala abis keluar. and of course nama2 feberet lecturer pun kuwa sekali. hehe.  so many thing we've talked about. al-kisah penganggur2 yang berjumpa la katekan. sume in process of hunting for job.hihi.

meendarling and me!

angkut najay, monyot and ina sekali. oh ok najay is blocking me in this pic -.- . After that, me, ina, monyot and najay went to kajang and chill at monyot's place.  my sis and lil cousin danni also came along and we were like havin a great 'lepak' activities at home.HAHA.  :D

 najay and danni. gerammmm sgt kat dak kecik nih.

 Danni ucuk acam tomey2. hishh. nak gunting pipi dea! dea ni bukan mix mat salleh ye adik-adik. memandangkan ramai yang tanye. his father and mother are pure malay. hehe

 my sis, ina and me. :D

duduk je lah, na main snooker ta reti ;p

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Makeup - Iera, Pre wedding

Hello people!! time for update! heee. This time plum tamoh pot pet, let the picture speak itself. hehehe. Makeup job in Cheras, today. Hope u guys like it :D

Iera - before 

Makeup - Nani, Annual dinner

Hi bloggers! how's ur weekend? hope everyone is fine.  Agak bz lately, but now nak share my new makeup entry, seperti biasa. hehe. Below are the photos of kak nani, my customer. She hired me as MUA for her annual dinner function, and alhamdulillah, she love it so much.  The theme is 'black and gold' so i main dgn warna tanah yang boleh bg luxury effect iaitu brown gold and black. Hope u guys like it :D

Kak Nani - before

In the making

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Our normal activity - De musique et de moment de bonheur

Morning everyone! wehoo i wokeup early even reached home late last night and sleep at 4.  Sakit kah aku nih. haih. ok now time for update. ;)  semalam letih sgt, got makeup job in kl, went here went there, and finally i end my day with these people that often spend their times with me when i feel like gathering for music activity purposes. it's been a while since our last performance in bora ombak and we had a great catch up last night.
ignore my inappropriate outfit because this is unplanned ;)

ok i don't play any instrument. but this thing is meant to me ;)

sempat lagi. haha

lead. he lives in his own world 

 testing and considering our new drummer. since the old one left. 

Makeup - Birthday celebration party

Hello people! as promised, i'm going to share another entry about makeup. ;) .  This is my latest work for customer *ta igt la pulak nama apa .. bertempat di swiss garden hotel, kl petang tadi and makeup ni for her birthday celebration party. The theme is purple and i guna color yang agak bright.  These are the combination of blue, purple and pink.  for her lips, i'm using soft pink color on her, supaya lebih kelihatan ceria, bersesuaian dgn tema. :)

 before makeup

done makeup for her

side look, ada sikit face art kat situ, as requested

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Face art

Hi all, what are u guys doing at this hour? bg yang still  ta tido tu, jom tgk entry baru plum.  this is categorized as artistic makeup or in other word, face art. i like to create new different look when boredom strikes me. heee. the second look inspired by doda, hope u guys like it ;)

Monday, 11 July 2011

Birthday party for Afis

Hello people! this time plum na share story about birthday party my bff, afis and it was held on February.  Dea tatau about this plan, and dgn masa yang suntuk, we did preparation to surprise him. me and abg din punye keje. hehe. bertempat di Monrods Restaurant, we invited his close friends to join us. semuanya dlm 17 org camtu. Afis sgt teruja and terharu *misi berjaya. hehe. . to afis, thanks for being my best friend and someone that i can lean on all this while. love ya lotss :)

Ian excited sgt! sememangnya suka bergambar ;)

along tlg bawak his fav cake, chocolate indulgence :)

speechless ;p

Happy birthday my dear! u are officially old ;p

Me and Ian sang 'senja nan merah' as requested by afis

Sumpah sore dea sedappppp! :D

left: Abg din, partner in crime. haha ;) 

Nurul with Afiq yang perasan artis. *oh mamarazzi, pls don't snap my pic. lol.

Tutti Fruitty iced blended. yummmayyy!

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