Wednesday, 29 February 2012

3rd week in Brisbane

Assalamualaikum and hello people! lama sudah ngak ketemu. now tiba-tiba rasa na update blog. jiwa kacau. i miss malaysia, i miss my hometown, i miss my family, my boyfie, my friends, and little lucy. rasa sayu je. mungkin masih baru jadi homesick tu ada lagi. hello suhaila! wake up, wake up! u have 1 year and half to go! this is just the beginning. first class was suck, sy ta suka. rasa pelik, i was the only malay muslim chic in the class. plus, wearing hijab. so at first, they look me as a weirdo maybe. but i'm proud of myself. one of a kind! .  i will never ever take off my hijab just to please people like some did. saya yakin saya kuat and Allah bersama saya. Alhamdulillah, second day and ahead it became better and better. ramai kawan baru yang baik2, willing to help and guide me whenever i need help.
Salah satu benda yang buat sy tertarik with australian people ni, they are sooo helpful and polite. they even say hello and thank you to a bus driver everytime they get in. it's their culture, mmg sgt hormat menghormati. Masa minggu pertama, mmg seronok jugak berjalan sana sini, explore new places using public transportation. the view Masyaallah, very beautiful.. breezy air and peaceful. somehow, i love malaysia more. hujan batu di negeri sendiri lebih baik. hehehe.
okayh, that's it for now, mari layan gambar2 yang sempat sy snap within 2 weeks. there're more actually, tp buat masa ni, yang ni je lah sy masukkan. hehe. enjoice!

Bald Hills, otw to visit kak Zila 

at China Town, where i found Ismail Halal Butcher. :D 

 on the bridge at Brisbane River

 part of city :)

mcm painting kan? this view taken from Southbank Parkland, masa ni na dekat pukul 6p.m 

 Ferris Wheel - Eyes on Brisbane <3

Kak Zila's crib at Bald Hills, her sweet lovely garden :)

with Maria in the train, heading to RiverHills to visit Rinee

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

1 bulan 4 hari..

Assalamualaikum. rasanya sudah lama sgt tak berblog. so many things happened in the past few months. ada yang sedih ada yang happy.  tergerak hari ni nak meluahkan semua.  it started from last raya.  we were so happy, celebrating aidilfitri, jumpa sanak saudara.. yang menyedihkan, that was my last raya with someone that i really love, consider as my mama. alhamdulillah, sempat beraya bersama2, for the first time she came to my parents house with uncle and saudara balam, a good sign but sgt ta sangka.. itu lah juga kali terakhir dea datang. :'(

Few month before she left, dea byk bg nasihat kat sy, we even had a deep conversation together with her beloved son. talking about most of the things she wanted her son to be and also nasihat yang bagus to both of us.  igt lagi dea ckp 'plum, untie kalau boleh nak sgt ezi rapat ngan papa dea mcm dea rapat ngan untie. tp dea ni ha, yang create gap tu. bertuah punya budak. plum tlg lah ckp kat ezi ni, dea bukan na dgr, banyak main ni'. my boyfriend ezi ni terus tickled her and tutup mulut untie sbb she just can't stop blabbering to him.hehe. and we were laughing out loud. they were sooo close, mcm kawan baik pun ade. so sweet.  but alhamdulillah now ezi makin rapat dengan papa, ye lah, diorang dua beranak tu je. i believe she can see and mesti happy at last tgk diorang sangat rapat now.  they became backbone and strength for each other.

Masih tersimpan rapi lagi all the things she gave me. handbags, purse, baju, perfume, and 2 weeks before she left, she gave me a watch, and piece of bracelet together with ring as a birthday gift.  yang buat air mata jatuh lagi bila tahu from him that my second birthday dinner treat tu dea yang bagi duit suruh belanja lagi on behalf of her.  tp dea pesan kat ezi jgn ckp kat sy dea yang bagi. saat tahu tu, sy menangis. menangis kerana kehilangan orang yang baik dan menangis kerana selepas ni sy tak dpt lagi nak dgr cerita, tips2, bebelan pasal kesihatan dan awet muda, and no more call from her, no more.. :'(
Bila depan ezi sy  ta boleh tunjuk sgt how down i am sbb dea masih tak kuat. kalau time dea cerita about her and luahkan rasa sedih dea tu, sy tahan seboleh2nya tidak menangis lagi. sy kena kuatkan dea. and bring back semangat dea yang da hilang.

Terima kasih untie utk kenangan yang untie bg. sy akan simpan elok2 sampai bila bila selagi saya bernafas. bila ezi ckp untie syg plum mcm anak untie, plum sedih sgt. sbb plum pon syg sgt kat untie and uncle macam parents plum sendiri but now i lost u.  everytime tgk, it reminds me of u and i'm glad to know u even for 4 years, but the moment we had are priceless. bukan plum je, semua orang yang kenal untie sayang sgt dan rindu kat untie. we love u so much. Plum harap sangat uncle and ezi akan pulih sepenuhnya, hanya masa yang menentukan and i won't get tired supporting them in any ways. plum syg mereka juga. mcm untie sayang mereka. Nanti plum visit untie lg, insyaallah. May Allah bless your soul, Al-Fatihah..

Monday, 5 September 2011

My beautiful raya 2011

Assalamualaikum n hello all! even da almost a week of raya, i guess it's not too late to wish happy aidilfitri to my muslim friends and family ;) . how's raya so far? mine was awesome and wonderful. few days before raya tu lagi la ta sabar2. for me, last minutes shopping always worth. hehe. 2 pairs of baju kurung, green and orange. cuma kasut agak lebih for this year, i bought 5 pairs.  saya boleh hilang kewarasan bila melihat sale sana sini.HAHA.  i've captured my happiness moments of raya. yay. so lets have a look at these pictures *kalau na tgk lah ;) . enjoy yea x)

My second raya in Tampin. i loveeee this color.hee 

cousin yang manis macam gula gula

me and cousin, ika *orange is so not me but sekali sekali ok jugak.hehe 

my siblings

my eternity :)

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Makeup - Nisha, dinner

just now i've just updated entry for funky dinner makeup and now i'm sharing with all of u again another makeup job for my customer.  Also dinner makeup, and she requested me to use the combination of green and yellow. for the cheek and lips, i'm using peachy tone and it perfectly goes well with green , as the color is also categorized in 'earth color'. hope u guys like it :)

Before - she doesn't want to snap pic and wanted me to put her personal pic with very light makeup on her face :)



Makeup - Shad, Dinner

Hello bloggers! it's been a while since my last entry and rasa bersawang jgk la blog nih. tehee. been bz with few things, study application and bla bla bla. ok now i na share another makeu work with all of u.  The theme is funky chic so it has to be something bright and attractive especially for the eyes. hope u guys like it and happy beautiful sunday yea. <3

Shad - before


sweet pink color on her lips and it goes well with purple :)

done! i didn't do at her neck area cuz she wants to wear tudung

Monday, 25 July 2011

The art of doing nothing ;p

Hi all! malam-malam ni in a mood pulak na update blog since i left it almost a week kot. hehe.  just had a super tasty home made 'bubur durian' . hancor diet sbb mkn byk ta hengat. sendawa pun bau durian. egegege. Last weekend one of my best girl kiwi, turun kl all the way from kuantan.  Kami jarang jumpa cuz jauh buat always keep each other updated. rapat ngan minah ni since i know her from diploma time and we were like the best soul-sisters ever. even jauh we're very close and will share n'thing as we're the best partner in crime.haha. on that day ta gi mane2 pun like we used to do every time we met.  this time more santai and lepak2 camtu *gossssip.HAHA. well, away from messiness of kl, believe it, we really had a great time and happy moment of the day. definitely, my favorite girls are the one that i can have a blast with doing nothing! :D

Kiwi.monyot.and cik plum. ;p

 Oya my lil sis with kiwiwi. hehe 

 the best photo shoot all day.haha

 call us gay, i don't care ;p


shhhhh.  i know every single thing. ;p

Another awesome weekend ;)

Rasa bersawang da blog ni lama ta update entry. heee. Bz memanjang. kununnye lah. ;p Rindu kat ex-classmate in Puncak dulu and finally hari tu dpt jumpa meen, mummy, dyla and ekeen. we met at dome klcc and it was an awesome catch up. Lama ta bergelak with them semua cita dulu kala abis keluar. and of course nama2 feberet lecturer pun kuwa sekali. hehe.  so many thing we've talked about. al-kisah penganggur2 yang berjumpa la katekan. sume in process of hunting for job.hihi.

meendarling and me!

angkut najay, monyot and ina sekali. oh ok najay is blocking me in this pic -.- . After that, me, ina, monyot and najay went to kajang and chill at monyot's place.  my sis and lil cousin danni also came along and we were like havin a great 'lepak' activities at home.HAHA.  :D

 najay and danni. gerammmm sgt kat dak kecik nih.

 Danni ucuk acam tomey2. hishh. nak gunting pipi dea! dea ni bukan mix mat salleh ye adik-adik. memandangkan ramai yang tanye. his father and mother are pure malay. hehe

 my sis, ina and me. :D

duduk je lah, na main snooker ta reti ;p
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