Wednesday, 29 February 2012

3rd week in Brisbane

Assalamualaikum and hello people! lama sudah ngak ketemu. now tiba-tiba rasa na update blog. jiwa kacau. i miss malaysia, i miss my hometown, i miss my family, my boyfie, my friends, and little lucy. rasa sayu je. mungkin masih baru jadi homesick tu ada lagi. hello suhaila! wake up, wake up! u have 1 year and half to go! this is just the beginning. first class was suck, sy ta suka. rasa pelik, i was the only malay muslim chic in the class. plus, wearing hijab. so at first, they look me as a weirdo maybe. but i'm proud of myself. one of a kind! .  i will never ever take off my hijab just to please people like some did. saya yakin saya kuat and Allah bersama saya. Alhamdulillah, second day and ahead it became better and better. ramai kawan baru yang baik2, willing to help and guide me whenever i need help.
Salah satu benda yang buat sy tertarik with australian people ni, they are sooo helpful and polite. they even say hello and thank you to a bus driver everytime they get in. it's their culture, mmg sgt hormat menghormati. Masa minggu pertama, mmg seronok jugak berjalan sana sini, explore new places using public transportation. the view Masyaallah, very beautiful.. breezy air and peaceful. somehow, i love malaysia more. hujan batu di negeri sendiri lebih baik. hehehe.
okayh, that's it for now, mari layan gambar2 yang sempat sy snap within 2 weeks. there're more actually, tp buat masa ni, yang ni je lah sy masukkan. hehe. enjoice!

Bald Hills, otw to visit kak Zila 

at China Town, where i found Ismail Halal Butcher. :D 

 on the bridge at Brisbane River

 part of city :)

mcm painting kan? this view taken from Southbank Parkland, masa ni na dekat pukul 6p.m 

 Ferris Wheel - Eyes on Brisbane <3

Kak Zila's crib at Bald Hills, her sweet lovely garden :)

with Maria in the train, heading to RiverHills to visit Rinee

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