Monday, 25 July 2011

The art of doing nothing ;p

Hi all! malam-malam ni in a mood pulak na update blog since i left it almost a week kot. hehe.  just had a super tasty home made 'bubur durian' . hancor diet sbb mkn byk ta hengat. sendawa pun bau durian. egegege. Last weekend one of my best girl kiwi, turun kl all the way from kuantan.  Kami jarang jumpa cuz jauh buat always keep each other updated. rapat ngan minah ni since i know her from diploma time and we were like the best soul-sisters ever. even jauh we're very close and will share n'thing as we're the best partner in crime.haha. on that day ta gi mane2 pun like we used to do every time we met.  this time more santai and lepak2 camtu *gossssip.HAHA. well, away from messiness of kl, believe it, we really had a great time and happy moment of the day. definitely, my favorite girls are the one that i can have a blast with doing nothing! :D

Kiwi.monyot.and cik plum. ;p

 Oya my lil sis with kiwiwi. hehe 

 the best photo shoot all day.haha

 call us gay, i don't care ;p


shhhhh.  i know every single thing. ;p

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