Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Makeup - Outdoor photoshoot - Bella

Hi everyone, see u again here in my latest entry! i was thinking of new bright eye makeup, hopefully will do it within this week. as for now, i'm sharing with all of u my previous makeup work and more will be uploaded soon. The theme for this look is 'wild in grand canyon' and it is something got to do with wild element as shown in the picture. i'm adapting tiger look on bella's face (the talent) with orange and black color combination. actually i've seen similar makeup style in youtube and this makeup inspired by my fav youtube makeup guru, doda. i recreated her zebra look and turn to this tiger look. nah, these are the results ;)

wild look ;)


  1. Heheheee.
    walaupun xmng,
    tpi the experience are awesome!!
    klu bole, nk je jmpe just for mekap2 and shoot2.
    thnks Plummy!! =D

  2. hehehe. seronok sgt kan??? :) tu lah. i was thinking to approach u for outdoor photo shoot lagi. could be n'where. tempat yang da ta panas terik ke.hihihi.


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