Friday, 8 July 2011

Makeup - Outdoor photoshoot - Nasieha

Setelah di cari balik pic2 dalam laptop nih, byk lagi la nampaknye my makeup photos i  ade all this while, yang nak di masukkan dlm blog since few people requested to me. so i'm going to post it here time to time ok. to those yang ada suruh i buat video tutorial about makeup, i'm so sorry, rasanya masih belum sedia na buat lagi sbb there's a lot of things i haven't discovered yet in blogging world. insyaallah, kalau da ready nanti, i'll do it and post it here. ok, pic yang nak dikongsi this time is picture of my makeup job for outdoor photo shoot. The talent is Nasieha, and my photographer is Hahn Fisco. I guess we collaborated well as a team and we might work together again in future. Nah, hope u guys like it :D

This is sakiena, the talent. photographer terlewat so ta sempat snap her pic before makeup. Nasib baik tuan punye badan bg guna pic nih. hee. looking sweet and natural :)

ala2 arrogant gitu.hehe 

celah pokok pun boley. heee

sempat inter frame time hahn shoot model. egegegege ;)

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