Friday, 8 July 2011

Makeup - Diya's e-day :)

Gembira sgt bila dpt tau my bestfriend Diya na bertunang and hujung tahun ni will get married. how time flies, rasa cepat sangat masa berlalu.  excited ta payah cakap lah kan.hehe. so during her engagement, she hired me as her MUA. alhamdulillah everything went well and she love the makeup so much. This coming december i akan makeup Diya jgk for her wedding day. Tak sabar rasanya, sedih pun ada jgk sbb bff da na kawin. tp yang byknye gembira la. i'm happy for her. and will always pray for her happiness, amin..

my diya still sweet even with very light makeup on her face. :)

 Diya after makeup *i didn't shave or trade her eyebrow, just using makeup to cover and shape the new look :)

 In the making. hehe.

 sempat lagi tu posing xD

 My bestfriend. <3

Diya and epul, perfect match

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