Sunday, 10 July 2011

The unplanned ;)

Hello bloggers! :) bosan nye lah malam nih. i guess i'm having major insomnia attack since i can't sleep and still awake until late night, lately -.- . suddenly teringat kat kawan2 time college dulu and zaman muda remaja di kuantan. ewah. hehe. rasa lama ta gather with them and lepak2. hari tu setelah berkurun jgk la ta jumpe, we met in the middle of the town. kat bb je pun. heee. so many things we talked and shared. alhamdulillah, feels good and happy.  we are planning for the next gathering, and hope to see them again, insyaallah. :)

tangga ;D

6 years of friendship, me and berry :)

susahnye lah na tangkap pic dea nih. sbb dea dok 
tangkap pic orang. our photographer that day.hehe

meet nissa, our new friend (first, right). she's a nice lady :)

 me with kiwi and berry, thanks for paint my life with beautiful colors! :)

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