Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Makeup - Birthday celebration party

Hello people! as promised, i'm going to share another entry about makeup. ;) .  This is my latest work for customer *ta igt la pulak nama apa .. bertempat di swiss garden hotel, kl petang tadi and makeup ni for her birthday celebration party. The theme is purple and i guna color yang agak bright.  These are the combination of blue, purple and pink.  for her lips, i'm using soft pink color on her, supaya lebih kelihatan ceria, bersesuaian dgn tema. :)

 before makeup

done makeup for her

side look, ada sikit face art kat situ, as requested


  1. nice make up...face artwork jadik pelengkap

  2. her name was haynes...she's my friend...
    seriously she look gorgeous after u makeover her...the face art really make her look more attractive...=)

  3. hehehe. thanks sya. ur friend rupanya. i plak yang excited tgk dea hari tu. sbb as been told, she rarely put makeup on her face right? :)

  4. yeah..that why masa jmp dia agk shock coz really different from her usually...superb beb ^.^


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