Monday, 11 July 2011

Birthday party for Afis

Hello people! this time plum na share story about birthday party my bff, afis and it was held on February.  Dea tatau about this plan, and dgn masa yang suntuk, we did preparation to surprise him. me and abg din punye keje. hehe. bertempat di Monrods Restaurant, we invited his close friends to join us. semuanya dlm 17 org camtu. Afis sgt teruja and terharu *misi berjaya. hehe. . to afis, thanks for being my best friend and someone that i can lean on all this while. love ya lotss :)

Ian excited sgt! sememangnya suka bergambar ;)

along tlg bawak his fav cake, chocolate indulgence :)

speechless ;p

Happy birthday my dear! u are officially old ;p

Me and Ian sang 'senja nan merah' as requested by afis

Sumpah sore dea sedappppp! :D

left: Abg din, partner in crime. haha ;) 

Nurul with Afiq yang perasan artis. *oh mamarazzi, pls don't snap my pic. lol.

Tutti Fruitty iced blended. yummmayyy!


  1. hehe, mmg best buat surprise2 kat orang nih, the power of friendship. :)

  2. bestnya... saalam kenal adr gadis butterfly... :)

  3. thanks gadis. salam perkenalan juga ya. rajin2 la singgah lg kalau free :D


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