Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Our normal activity - De musique et de moment de bonheur

Morning everyone! wehoo i wokeup early even reached home late last night and sleep at 4.  Sakit kah aku nih. haih. ok now time for update. ;)  semalam letih sgt, got makeup job in kl, went here went there, and finally i end my day with these people that often spend their times with me when i feel like gathering for music activity purposes. it's been a while since our last performance in bora ombak and we had a great catch up last night.
ignore my inappropriate outfit because this is unplanned ;)

ok i don't play any instrument. but this thing is meant to me ;)

sempat lagi. haha

lead. he lives in his own world 

 testing and considering our new drummer. since the old one left. 


  1. daku rindu nk dgr suare kamu menyanyi...uhuk.

  2. hehehe.rindu jgk nak perform depan korang lagii. rindu uitm. rindu semua lahhh. luckily i have every video that u guys recorded in every performance ;)


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